Particularly those new to LGNC and especially those new to BMNA.  In the event of wet weather there are several possibilities:
1       Blue Mountains Council closes all sports grounds.
2       It rains all night at your place and you aren't sure if games are on.
3       Rain is forecast, you go to your game, maybe even start playing and it starts pouring.
Options 2 and 3 will often depend on whether your game is on a grass court or "all weather" court.  Sometimes the grass court games are cancelled only.  Option 1 can be quite frustrating as it can end up being the most perfect day.
How to find out what's happening
A       Check the BMNA website - there should be an announcement by 7:30 AM but might be as late as 7:45 AM.
B       BMNA were getting an App for your smartphones.  Not sure if they have it yet.  Couldn't find it on the BMNA website.
C       Call 1902 262 019 and PIN code 1083 after 7:45 AM for junior games and 11:30 for senior games.
D       If you are at the courts you will hear an announcement for representatives from each club to come to the clubhouse and or an announcement concerning whether the games continue or not.
Once you have found out please let your team members know.
Please see also the Draft BMNA Abandonment of Play policy page concerning determination of results, particularly for games that are abandoned before the end of the last quarter.
Allen Neirinckx
LGNC Secretary