LGNC Refund Policies

Lapstone Glenbrook Netball Club (LGNC) acts as an agent for Blue Mountains Netball Association (BMNA) who act as an agent for Netball New South Wales (Netball NSW) and Blue Mountains City Council (BMCC) with regard to fees.  LGNC can only refund according to the refund policies of these organisations as set out below.

Once LGNC has registered players with BMNA the refund policies of the BMNA, Netball NSW and BMCC determine the amount of refund available and when it can be paid.

LGNC will refund its component of fees prior to grading, provided there are extenuating circumstances necessitating withdrawal of a player. After players are graded LGNC will retain a handling fee of $15.

BMNA refund their component only if a player has not taken the court on any competition day during the season and application is made in writing to the executive.  A handling fee of not less than $10 is retained by BMNA and repayment is not made until the end of the season.

Netball NSW and BMCC do not refund any of their component once registration is completed on the day that LGNC registers its players with BMNA.  Should a player withdraw from the Winter competition after registration and want to register for the twilight competition they will not be liable for the Netball NSW component. The BMCC component is per season and a further BMCC component is payable for the twilight season.